Friday, July 30, 2010


Welcome to my blog! I will be writing about living in Anchorage, Alaska for a year while I work as a law clerk for the Alaska Supreme Court. 

Despite being generally adverse to blogging, Twitter, and most methods of sharing anything more than superficial thoughts on the internet, I've decided that moving to Alaska for a year is worth blogging about. During past adventures I've sent lengthy emails to a list of close family and friends, but this just seems easier for a year-long endeavor.

Plus, I love the name! For which I deserve no credit - that goes to Joy Tatarka, the wife of a friend/law school classmate of mine who suggested it many months ago at a housewarming party right after I got my clerkship. She probably doesn't even remember that, but the name stuck!

My dad and I will be leaving in about a week to drive from my hometown of Silverdale, WA to Anchorage (about 2500 miles), so I figured I'd better get this thing started. Look for some posts about our trip in about two weeks (somehow I'm sensing that internet will not be widely available along the ALCAN).