Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alcan Roadtrip Day 3: Wildlife Day! Fort Nelson, BC, to Teslin, Yukon Territory

The third day of our drive was definitely the most scenic, including sightings of a moose, more black bears, Dall sheep, and wood bison (a bigger, Northern relative of the American Plains Bison). We weren't able to get photos of the moose and black bears, but here is one of the sheep and the first bison we saw that day:

We were pretty excited just to see this guy, but later that day we rounded a bend in the road to find ourselves in the middle of an entire herd, including the biggest bison I have ever seen, anywhere - this has nothing to do with the camera angle, it was seriously bigger than that Chevy Suburban.
A few seconds after we took this picture, the driver of the Suburban proceeded to get out of the car (because he needed a closer look?) Naturally, my dad, instead of expressing concern, leans over to me and says: "If that bison chases that man down the highway, we'll have YouTube gold." But, alas, the bison walked away and the driver got back in his car. The rest of the herd was pretty neat, too:
The entire drive that day was beautiful, even when we weren't hanging out with the largest land animals in North America. Here are a few pictures from Muncho Lake, probably the best out of several gorgeous lakes around Stone Mountain, one of the highest points of the Alaska Highway.

There were also a lot of beautiful river valleys.

And a fair number of silly tourist stops, like the Toad River Lodge, which boasts the World's Largest Hat Collection (or something like that):

And Watson Lake, home to the "Signpost Forest" (and probably the least charming town we passed through on the whole drive - sorry, Watson Lake).

Early that evening, we finally exited British Columbia and entered the Yukon Territory, where we spent the night in a cabin at the adorable Dawson Peaks Resort in the tiny village of Teslin. Sorry for the long post, but Day 3 was definitely a highlight of the trip!